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An important reason why you should have blood pressure measured is to monitor if it is still at normal level or not.  You should usually check it to know that you have high or low blood pressure and often notice your health to prevent symptoms and fatal diseases.

Blood Pressure MonitorsTypes of Blood Pressure

When blood is squeezed to your arteries, pressure will be increased, called systolic pressure.  When the pressure in arteries falls, on the other hand, it’s called diastolic pressure.  To measure your blood pressure means both pressures are checked. Read the rest of this entry »


High Blood PressureHigh blood pressure or ‘hypertension’ is one of fatal causes leading to heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney failure.  Increasing millions of people are now facing the risk of high blood pressure.  Anyway, there are rarely symptoms to warn you in advance, thus you have to often measure your blood pressure to check if it is at normal level or not.  The high blood pressure reading is 140/90mmHg or above that could narrow and choke blood vessels up.  Moreover, it is also dangerous if blood clots (hardens from liquid to solid form) inside blood vessels flow into vein or artery because it could injure legs, heart or brain.  Anyway, you could save yourself by checking your blood pressure to lower or maintain it at regular level while decrease risk of heart disease and other harms.

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The frequency of blood pressure measuring mainly depends on your blood pressure level.  You may ask for advice from doctors or nurses before using blood pressure monitor for the first time.  You should program your blood pressure measuring as routine or weekly schedule to avoid forgetting.  Some people may take readings only once a week meanwhile someone may take several times.

Blood Pressure MonitoringHowever, the first use of blood pressure monitor may give inaccurate result because you are unfamiliar or nervous with the machine.  Just often try to measure your blood pressure yourself and you will know that it is very easy and so comfortable to check your health condition at home. Read the rest of this entry »

Blood Pressure measurement at homeIncreasing number of people usually check their blood pressure at home by using upper arm digital blood pressure monitors, once every two weeks.  Because of its convenience, it is very easy to measure by yourself if your blood pressure is normal or not.  Several researches refer that the reading of blood pressure monitored at home is more accurate than measuring at hospitals or clinics.  People feel more comfortable to check their blood pressure at home than staying in medical environment.  When you are asked to have blood pressure monitored by doctor or nurse, you may notice that the result is often higher than normal level.  This condition is called ‘white coat hypertension’ which approximately affects the result by 30mmHg (systolic readings). Read the rest of this entry »

Nowadays, high blood pressure is one of fatal causes of death affecting millions of people worldwide.  They have to face the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.  In addition, high blood pressure is still dangerous because it has no any indication of illness and that’s why you must have it measured to know your blood pressure level.  With modern technology, however, it is more convenient to measure your blood pressure at home by using blood pressure monitor.  Only a few easy steps, a precise result of your blood pressure will be shown to let you keep as your personal health record.  You can do it yourself at home!

High blood pressure treatment

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