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Low Blood Pressure

Posted on: October 15, 2009

An important reason why you should have blood pressure measured is to monitor if it is still at normal level or not.  You should usually check it to know that you have high or low blood pressure and often notice your health to prevent symptoms and fatal diseases.

Blood Pressure MonitorsTypes of Blood Pressure

When blood is squeezed to your arteries, pressure will be increased, called systolic pressure.  When the pressure in arteries falls, on the other hand, it’s called diastolic pressure.  To measure your blood pressure means both pressures are checked.

However, the level of blood pressure depends on your activities in that time.  For example, high blood pressure happens when you are exercising or worried about something while your blood pressure is slow while you sleep or stay in relaxing environment.  Thus in a single day, your blood pressure might alter by 30-40 mmHg between systolic and diastolic pressure and that’s why you should assess your blood pressure at the same time and under the same conditions every time.

You can check your blood pressure at hospital with physicians or nurses but there is another easy way to know how your blood pressure is by using semi-digital/digital blood pressure monitors for home use to check by yourself.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

Low blood pressure, or called hypotension,  usually affects your brain first because it has to push blood to the top of the body against gravity.  If your blood pressure is too low, you might be light-headed or dizzy when you stand rapidly.  This can cause someone faint and fall to the ground which is dangerous for brain.

Low blood pressure, besides, sometimes leads to lack of breath, chest pain and oxygen for brain due to insufficient blood to heart muscle.  If these above symptoms still occur for a while, other organs will breakdown because of consistently low.  Finally, it will become a shock and might harm other organs too.  Skin, hands and feet might change into blue and cold.

Do I have low blood pressure?

If you often feel dizzy or faint when you stand, perhaps you might have some indications of low blood pressure.  Please consult with your doctor to further check your health by physical tests or suggest you to other specialists to have detailed investigation, especially adrenal gland and nerves.

Low Blood Pressure

Treatment of Low Blood Pressure

Some drugs can cause malfunction of blood pressure and you need to change that medicine, particularly alpha blocker (doxazosin).  Moreover, you should avoid quickly get up and stand as well as replace missing hormones your body lacks.

In some case, if you have trouble with nerves then using some drugs to stimulate the nervous system can help you get better.  Elastic stockings, anti-gravity suit, taking hormones, having more salt can also cure the symptoms of low blood pressure.

In recent years, new researches have proved that low blood pressure under 90mmHg is irrelevant with depression and tiredness.  It is suggested that you should talk to your doctor or find more information before joining any treatment.

Remember that usual blood pressure measurement is important for one who has abnormal blood pressure.  You can put it into your routine or weekly schedule to have it monitored by doctors or yourself (using blood pressure machines) to realize your state of health.


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