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DIY: Blood Pressure Measurement

Posted on: October 4, 2009

The frequency of blood pressure measuring mainly depends on your blood pressure level.  You may ask for advice from doctors or nurses before using blood pressure monitor for the first time.  You should program your blood pressure measuring as routine or weekly schedule to avoid forgetting.  Some people may take readings only once a week meanwhile someone may take several times.

Blood Pressure MonitoringHowever, the first use of blood pressure monitor may give inaccurate result because you are unfamiliar or nervous with the machine.  Just often try to measure your blood pressure yourself and you will know that it is very easy and so comfortable to check your health condition at home.

When you first use the blood pressure machines, you should measure both left and right arm to see the results.  The shown readings may be different between two arms, therefore next time you should measure blood pressure on the arm giving higher reading.  Anyway, if the results of two arms are too different, more than 20mmHg systolic or 10mmHg diastolic, please see your doctor to consult this problem.

Before monitoring your blood pressure, you should read instructions of blood pressure monitor carefully to make sure that you understand it clearly to get accurate and precise result.

Remember that the purpose of blood pressure measurement is to maintain it at normal level, below 140/85 or 130/80mmHg.  If you have high blood pressure, the machine can help you check your state of health to reduce your blood pressure.  In addition, you should store or print out the readings to keep as your record that you can talk to your doctor or nurse in case something goes wrong.

The different blood pressure readings are caused from many factors such as anxiety, hard work, alcohol, exercise, stress, smoking, caffeine, full bladder, excitement, pain etc.  Thus, staying in comfortable and relaxing environment is advised to get exact result.

Blood pressure monitors are widely available as digital and semi-digital machines.  Upper arm blood pressure monitors approved from reliable institutes are suggested for home use, for instance, Omron, Microlife and A&D instruments because you can trust in manufacturers and readings of your blood pressure.


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