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Blood Pressure Monitors

Posted on: October 4, 2009

Nowadays, high blood pressure is one of fatal causes of death affecting millions of people worldwide.  They have to face the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.  In addition, high blood pressure is still dangerous because it has no any indication of illness and that’s why you must have it measured to know your blood pressure level.  With modern technology, however, it is more convenient to measure your blood pressure at home by using blood pressure monitor.  Only a few easy steps, a precise result of your blood pressure will be shown to let you keep as your personal health record.  You can do it yourself at home!

High blood pressure treatment

Difference between Blood Pressure Measurement at Home and Medical Environment

When your blood pressure is taken at a hospital, clinic or medical condition, you may notice that your blood pressure is increased than normal level called “white coat hypertension”.  There are some causes such as anxiety or staying in chaotic situation.  On the other hand, your blood pressure taken at home is usually lower than the readings measured in the medical environment and it seems to be more accurate result also.  This can be referred to a research published in British Medical Journal indicating that “…people who monitor their blood pressure at home have better blood pressure control…”

It is very easy to measure your blood pressure at home by using an automatic machine on your upper arm at heart level.  Then the result will be shown on a monitor as a digital display which you can keep in the machine’s memory or print out as a paper record.  How easy it is!

Reliable Blood Pressure Monitors

During recent years, blood pressure monitors are increasingly used to measure blood pressure at home because people are familiar with suggested machines available in public health market.  Anyway, most of recommended blood pressure monitors are Microlife and Omron, approved by British Hypertension Society (BHS) that they are safe, easy and accurate for home use at valued price.

This list below is automatic digital blood pressure devices for home use;

  • Omron M6 Comfort – upper arm automatic digital blood pressure monitor
  • Omron M7 – perfect device of upper arm monitor, easy to use, comfortable, adjustable cuff for everyone in family
  • Omron M10 – latest upper arm digital blood pressure machine
  • A+D Instruments Monitors
  • Microlife Blood Pressure Machines – such as Microlife 123 validated by British Hypertension Society (very simple, comfortable and easy as 123) / Microlife BP3AC

Omron 1Omron 2Omron 4

Right Size of Cuffs for Right Results

You should use the right size of cuff suitable with your arm to get the precise readings because some people may have thinner or larger arms than standard size cuff.  If the cuff is smaller than your arm, your blood pressure reading may be inaccurately high; on the contrary, if the cuff is bigger, the result may be falsely low.   Therefore, when your arm does not fit with the cuff coming with the monitor, you can buy smaller or larger cuffs for correct blood pressure result.

Please remember that it is very useful for your health to have your blood pressure checked regularly, at least it can tell you some physical signals on your health to avoid or prevent before it becomes dangerous symptoms.


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